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Last seen May 30, 2016

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Formerly known as llMerill or Meri. 1989. Christian.

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Motto:  Gone Baby Gone

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Status:I want to beat up my internet(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ   

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16-01-14  How to contact me...

Although I have left that account years ago, I do still check on it few times in a year or so.
Anyway. This is just in case someone for some reason wants to find me and talk or whatever..” more

01-02-12  Haha. what i had. :D

02-12-11  Woot...being a moderator..

30-04-10  Past Avatar Looks

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Equinox_R wrote (12 months ago)

Hello! & Thanks a lot!


Nikki wrote (13 months ago)

I'm mostly on Caedon and facebook. You should come check us out if you haven't yet o uo


Nikki wrote (14 months ago)

All sorts of crazy. Do you have skype or something?


Nikki wrote (16 months ago)

Meri!! How are ya!

Polaar Bear

Polaar Bear wrote (18 months ago)

Thank you! :D


♥hummy♥ wrote (18 months ago)

i LOVE your avi!


Alex wrote (35 months ago)

...Yes, exactly. And that's ridiculous. I don't care what anyone says about media not having an affect on people, too, because it's not true. Media is one of, if not the, biggest influence. Fix your shit, guys.


Alex wrote (35 months ago)

...Yeah. The confliction is what makes it interesting. :c The Queen's ending sounds too boring and cliche. Have her die after double crossing everyone or something! She is not good!


Alex wrote (35 months ago)

...complete 180 from the original idea.


Alex wrote (35 months ago)

...I completely agree. No self-respecting creater would subject their work to that sort of change. Once you do, you're sunk, either because you feel you HAVE to from then on, or because you have to come up with something completely new since it's a co