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Last seen December 23, 2014

About me: 
SKYPE: x--3erie
GaiaOnline: Kuudere-senpai

Points:  596

Joined:  25th August 2008

Forum posts:  1,240

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Leaving Kinsaki for Good. Bye.   

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24-11-08  Its been a long time.. Good news!

“[size=8]Well I\'ve been checking my messages on here a lot lately.. and well I just can\'t seem to get too many or any at all. =__= I do get plenty of comments, but I\'d just really like to get a private message so..” more

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WaterGurl999 wrote (40 months ago)

Yes thank you so so much for the items! ^-^

OoPs...I Arted

OoPs...I Arted wrote (53 months ago)

Thank You SO Much!! ♥


Pandorica wrote (54 months ago)

Wow... you notice NOW?! lmao jk
But yeah, changed it a few months ago... or was it weeks? n n'
Its after my character Pandorica Masters~! :D
I LOVE the new username <3


mockingjay wrote (54 months ago)

Oh so you fancy my username? how flattering ^^


Jurinjo wrote (55 months ago)

So many May babies o_o


Jurinjo wrote (56 months ago)

hehe yeah I can only imagine how busy you are. How's your boy? I forgot when his birthday is except he's born in 2010


Jurinjo wrote (56 months ago)

Hi Eerie ^_^
How's it going?


Stars wrote (58 months ago)

I love the avatar!


Alabaster wrote (61 months ago)

Is this site really ever active?
Just out of curiosity since you seemed to be around last time I was here. xD


Aisu wrote (62 months ago)