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28-10-09  To archaeology in Turkey?

“I sit here pondering this application to go to Turkey this summer on an archaeological dig with my school. I'm trying to write an essay about why I'm interested in going (and any qualifications, which = slim to no..” more

23-08-09  TOHRU'S IN COLLEGE. cx

27-07-09  Contented itchy stupor of tiredness

24-07-09  College freak out~ o___O

23-06-09  TRIUMPH AT LAST!

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Suna wrote (46 months ago)

Popped in to say hi :D


Alex wrote (50 months ago)

...summer, too? o: (Interject "It's a win-win!" after the early class comment. Forgot to put it xD;)


Alex wrote (50 months ago)

...*is* really nice when you've stayed up late the night before. (What's funny is now all my classes are 8:00 and past :shot: xD) Early classes are good too though. You get a freer day later. (Plus you can crash when you get home xP) So you're on summe


Alex wrote (50 months ago)

...I think it's really cool that you're doing it. ('Sides, Anthropology is amazing to research anyway. xD) That would be so awesome. GO TORHU! :D :D :D You'll do fine with your classes, I'm sure of it! I'll admit though, having class past 10:30


Alex wrote (50 months ago)

Maybe it wasn't? I have no idea! Well, I hope you find it xD Hmm. Lets see. Cats. OMGYOUREGOINGTODIE!!! *drama* Lol, I have no idea, actually xD; AH! How exciting! Thar used to study Anthropology (was kind of aiming for the same thing) so


Demon wrote (50 months ago)

Pfffft, have others clean for you. 8DD Be lazy while you can. I'm sure you're in for another ride once summer's over. xD Enjoy it!


Demon wrote (50 months ago)

I totally agree, and I did the same thing! xD I procrastinate for everything in ever class. I'm horrible. @_@; I'm just glad I can be comfortable knowing I'm being lazy. xD;


Chaitealatte wrote (51 months ago)

Of course I can forgive you! xD You're wonderful~!


Sundance wrote (51 months ago)

Thank you. Ah yeah, it is brilliant, one of my friends was singing the chorus so I had a little watch after it :P


Demon wrote (51 months ago)

-preeeeetty good, actually. :O Pretty lazy summer, to be honest. xD I've been getting out of the house more lately, but still... lazylazysummer. <w< How has yours been so far?