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.Panda wrote (43 months ago)

WOW haven't been here in ages!

LE the QT

LE the QT wrote (55 months ago)

heyy (: long time no talk

OoPs...I Arted

OoPs...I Arted wrote (55 months ago)


OoPs...I Arted

OoPs...I Arted wrote (57 months ago)

I see you!!


Stars wrote (57 months ago)



Harmony wrote (63 months ago)

Hi Panda, I made an account under the name Harmony at the website you suggested to me. Add me if you'd like. I would hardly be on there though.. I hope you have a beautiful and fun summer vacation.


temarigirl wrote (64 months ago)

Haii Panda sorry I have not been on in ages :(


Shiny wrote (66 months ago)

Ahhblahblahblahblahblahhh!! I havent been on here for like a year! You know?


Fuu-Chan wrote (66 months ago)

hi there. long time no see.

Shoe Goblin

Shoe Goblin wrote (67 months ago)

hi :D