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Last seen January 08, 2016

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♥hummy♥ wrote (33 months ago)

have a happy holiday season♥


♥hummy♥ wrote (35 months ago)

hope things are going better for you ♥


Roachi wrote (38 months ago)

Hey hon. Im back :D. How have you been??
Is it just me or is there a lot of spam threads about?? I've been goin into each forum and someone has posted a whole lot of crap...

Damia Flagg

Damia Flagg wrote (38 months ago)

Hello Wingless.
Where are you? Are you alright?
Getting a little worried since you haven't logged in for almost 6 months now.

Hakime Dujurro

Hakime Dujurro wrote (42 months ago)

Thank you! Yours is quite boast-worthy as well. ;D


♥hummy♥ wrote (45 months ago)

hope this year is a great one!


♥hummy♥ wrote (46 months ago)

just droppin' by to say hi!


♥hummy♥ wrote (48 months ago)



Moon! wrote (48 months ago)

Hehe! :D


Moon! wrote (49 months ago)

Wingy, for the autumn mask, hummy found another autumn mask and said we will do an auction and the one who loses, can share the other autumn mask with hummy! :D what do you think?