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Last seen February 26, 2015

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Yoona wrote (2 days ago)



Casey wrote (19 days ago)

Hallo ♥ :3 I can't believe the recent influx of activity on Kin the last few days!

Raven Flagg

Raven Flagg wrote (19 days ago)

I'm glad you had a good day.
I couldn't sleep last night think I had about 2 hours of sleep, now I'm looking at about a 10-11 hour work day. :(
So tired.

Raven Flagg

Raven Flagg wrote (20 days ago)

I've missed chatting with you. I never seem to be on Mene when you are there.
How have you been?
I'm about to head to bed, gotta work tomorrow so my fill-in can go to a doctors appointment with her daughter.


Alex wrote (23 days ago)

Thank you! :D

Raven Flagg

Raven Flagg wrote (12 months ago)

Do you sometime wonder if there really is a point in us logging on here anymore? I never seem to be here at the same time as anyone else & most everyone on my friend list hasn't logged in for months except for you.


Stars wrote (14 months ago)

Hello dear! Just popping back! How're you doing? xx


luchaastheywanther wrote (15 months ago)

thanks for the add <3

Raven Flagg

Raven Flagg wrote (15 months ago)

I guess I was going by something someone said. That you were bothered by the cosplay. You know I just want to thank you for all that you do & we are stuck together now. Not sure if you could get rid of me.

Raven Flagg

Raven Flagg wrote (15 months ago)

He been a little under the weather, but he's getting better.
I'm sorry if I upset you with the thread on mene.
It wasn't my intention. I just wanted you to see how much people care about you.