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Last seen May 23, 2015

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Casey wrote (1 day ago)

Oh thank you! And don't worry, my thank you is two weeks late. >w<


Nikki wrote (17 days ago)

Maybe! It's been a few years but I'll be lurking for sure. This is where I met a lot of old friends way back when. :)


DeadSweetCupcake wrote (1 month ago)

And to you! How have things been around here?


llonka wrote (1 month ago)

Hi hummy! Looks like things are coming back together here! <3


DeadSweetCupcake wrote (1 month ago)

Hi! I haven't been around in such a long time! I figured everyone had left or moved on to other things, but its nice to see some familiar names. :D

Polaar Bear

Polaar Bear wrote (1 month ago)

Thank you! I never even realized I was on the front page again haha! I'm pretty sure its the same outfit as I had the last time I was on the spotlight in 2010! :D


Leo wrote (1 month ago)

Thanks. :) Got bored watching my old look.


Casey wrote (2 months ago)

I wish xD I don't think they update it very often anymore though~


Casey wrote (2 months ago)

Thanks! This was one of my favorite avatars I did awhile ago, and revamped it.


Yoona wrote (2 months ago)