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Spelled Kat

Spelled Kat


Last seen July 04, 2009

About me: 
I'm here and I'm not here.
I run a Charity on Gaia so it's hard to multitask between sites. I'm trying to be here though.

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Joined:  09th April 2008

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06-11-08  Kinsaki Book Challenge Log

“Kinsaki Book Challenge!

Books Read From July 2008 - Now

I tend to read the same things over and over again because I\'m very picky with boo..” more

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.:.Intensity.:. wrote (84 months ago)

I absolutely love your avatar! =3


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

That would kick ass! But I know I won't xD


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

Ohhh lolz, I understand that xD I'm probably gonna know exactly what you mean once I'm getting the sword, 35% chance is definitely discouraging >.<


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

Awwww, I got mines in the first one, I was so happy xD But then again, crashed and lost them D: But well, I can let you borrow my energy whenever you need it ^^


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

Hehe, I kinda always wanted that sword since it came out xD But it's effing expensive and retardly low chance to make >.<


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

Hehe yeah, I have yet to hunt the permanent items. But I'm too lazy to play my games daily xD Though I do kinda want the Thunder Sword


Waklex wrote (87 months ago)

Yeah I kinda understand what you mean xD But well, if at least the permanent ones keep you happy ^^ There's always lots of commons to buy


Cosmic wrote (87 months ago)

I love your avi! <3


Waklex wrote (88 months ago)

Well you lookin' good :D so no DIs at all? The non-permanent ones lol


.Panda wrote (88 months ago)

Are you spelled kat..the one who use to chat in Ravena thread all the time ? The Shop.