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Last seen April 10, 2014

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This has to be the only song I could
sing, if I COULD sing, and it be 100%
my story.

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ShatteredAngel wrote (25 months ago)

~Hugs~ Don't force yourself into anything. I hope things get better for you soon an remember I'm always here if you want to talk or rant or anything, ok?


ShatteredAngel wrote (25 months ago)

How are you doing~? Everything ok? Not heard from you for alittle while, thought I'd check everything is ok ~hugs~


Eerie wrote (26 months ago)

My sons birthday is May 1st and my second sons is July 10th. ;D Haha.


Striptease wrote (26 months ago)

Juriiii, Ahh! Sorry, for some reason I haven't been checking my profile. I wish they'd send us some messages whenever someone does... Anyway, why pomade?!


ShatteredAngel wrote (26 months ago)

~hugs~ How are you doing Jurin-kun?


Hope wrote (26 months ago)

I won't rush you - like I would really like to rp with ya but if you're busy, I understand. Things in my life are sometimes a bit hectic too lol.


Alex wrote (26 months ago)

...fingerspelling of the song title. xD And alrighty. I definitely wont fault you. xD It's around 5 over there isn't it? O:


Alex wrote (26 months ago)

This woman is beautiful, especially in this video. (She did that Signing Cop joke in another with short hair and highlights. Still pretty, but long hair definitely suits her.) The first part I got around 95% of it, the other 5% lost on one part and the fi


Ellissia-Lucard wrote (26 months ago)

I noticed honey. I'm about to become very busy too. The closer my birthday, busier I will be.


Ellissia-Lucard wrote (26 months ago)

i'll have to reply later hon, Aaron is refusing to behave and go to bed...