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Well eventhough I have no knowledge of reflexology, or anything related to it, I am very good at mas...
Topic: RE: What's something really really weird about you?...
23rd November 2008
Open Canvas 3 is my favorite program.

I use it for everything, sketching, lines, coloring.
You c...
Topic: RE: what do people use to make there drawings?
23rd November 2008
Johnny Depp yeah : D
He's a very very good actor, I love him in Finding Neverland. <3

Robert ...
Topic: RE: This is for the Ladies of Kinsaki, who the best looking
23rd November 2008
^ Hehe Bananas in Pajamas are real funny, I love that show!

I also miss Are you Afraid in the Dar...
Topic: RE: Favorite older tv show?
23rd November 2008
Well the most recent was Natsume Yuujin-cho haha.
Both the anime and the manga makes me cry.

Topic: RE: Which game / movie / song makes you cry?
23rd November 2008
I think, if it's the type of anime that the fate of the world is in your hands, then I guess my life...
Topic: RE: If Anime was the REAL WORLD..how would you feel?
23rd November 2008
Hi, well just sharing.. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder for those who don't know.
I'm not...
Topic: ADD?
23rd November 2008
[color=gray]*pokes Joih back x10009234934*

Wala maxado pumunta dito lol, siguro pag tumagal tagal...
21st April 2008
[quote][center]I would be sleeping. I probably will soon... but I have some hope a certain someone w...
Topic: RE: what would you be doing if you werent here online?
20th April 2008
Nice.. :> And I'm gonna go to church. (It's Sunday like I said.)
Topic: RE: weird names
20th April 2008
[color=gray]Asian. :>

I'm Filipino and somewhat Chinese & Spanish (like most of us).
Topic: RE: Nationalities on Kinsaki
20th April 2008
[color=gray]Lol hey Cricket~

I learned it from a friend, I clicked his link lol.
I find i...
Topic: RE: What attracted you to Kinsaki?
20th April 2008
I enjoy all the older cartoons more than I enjoy the newer ones.

[color=gray]Me to...
20th April 2008
[color=gray]Omg yeah I remember her! O.o
China.. now I'm seeing a manly woman in my mind.

Topic: RE: weird names
20th April 2008
^ Have you cleaned it yet? lol.
Topic: RE: what would you be doing if you werent here online?
20th April 2008

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